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Fuel Transportation

Fuel Transportation Services that Work

You can rely on our 10 semis and four tank wagons to deliver fuel to your station, agricultural site, or construction jobsite. Based in Clewiston, Florida, a heavy agricultural area, we’re busy delivering fuel to farms seven days a week. We’re also a dependable supplier of fuel for marinas and jet fuel for the aviation industry. We offer a variety of services beyond gas and oil, call us today and find out how we can support your organization or business.

Fuel Delivery Services

Reliable and On-Time Delivery 

Our Marathon-branded product’s primary source terminals are in Port Everglade, Port Tampa, and Port Taft. We source all of our fuel from these terminals and deliver all over South Florida. In addition to serving our customers, our fleet is available to our competitors. We regularly deliver products or freight to other oil jobbers and companies throughout our service area.